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Never Give Up! Crazy Logistics, Part 12

Link – by Avi Abrams

Look ma, I invented a tubular-scopic perambulator!!

As we continue with our highly popular “Lords of the Logistics” series, which includes all sorts of FAILS and WINS from extremely creative, or extremely foolish people, we are duly amazed – yet again – by ingenuity and sheer pluck that people put out to solve their problems when they are short on means to do it in a usual way.

All sorts of fantastic, rickety, plain weird and often working devices come to light; and we are happy to feature new installment in this series as we continue to receive endless stream of material!

You gotta love this DIY scooter idea! -

Money laundering:

Not really sure what happened here:

This is what Russian “Yellow Pages” telephone directory looks like:

The operator just rotates the directory until he finds the right info. Great! and works all the time.


DIY Tips and Tricks

Gym! -

Wild West birdie house:

The weak link:

The strong solution:

This requires more skill than your usual billiard cue:

These guys are probably trying to fix the air conditioner:

(photo credit: Emilio Morenatti, via)

Headphones? -

Slippers? -

Another great way to use plastic bottles:

DIY fish bowl:

Take your fish for a walk:

No unpacking required:

I like this packing tape:

Great “ice tubes”-making tray:

What?! This must be an advertisement:

Here is the same idea:

Use your old coolers to make a great train for kids:

This could be Zen meditation… except that I think that this grandma is in trouble:

I’m going swimming! -

DIY mailbox:

Good for you, grandpa! -

Gotta protect your water tank! -

This is the weirdest (satellite dish?) I’ve ever seen:


Great ways to prepare your dinner

Combine it with exercise:

Here is how to easily make a bonfire (or rather a “logfire”) for cooking your dinner:

Another great way to BBQ your dinner:

This method is so obvious, not sure why more people do not use it:

And this is not how you make macaroni (spaghetti):

Great way to sleep & bath in the woods:


New discoveries in style and design

This actually looks great and can be vastly entertaining: the largest balloon sculpture in the world!

(image via)

Cardboard car (or an icecream truck?) – I am pretty sure that the guy is walking:



Being computer savvy is definitely a plus

Internet cafe in Pakistan:

(original unknown)

A great way to recycle a plastic bottle:

Attaching your power supply:

Here is a way to attach your USB drive to SCSI port (not sure that it would work, though):


Automotive Ingenuity

This vehicle is truly hard to describe:

And this one reminds me of the Star Wars Jar-Jar Binks character:

Easy fix:

It’s so easy to rig up some windshield wipers:

Fixing the road (and some electricity):

Who’s towing whom? -

Sleeping with your motorcycle is perhaps the surest way to protect it from being stolen in some countries:

Here is your RV, or rather “dacha” (small villa):

You can convert any car into a pickup truck:

…or convert your boat into a car:

Shopping cart cycle:

Shoe cycle:

Extreme use of a van space:

Super cars, by necessity:

Storing your bike is not safe for those walking under your balcony:

Make your ride comfortable:

…or this way:

Police booth substitute:


Carrying the load (safety does not enter into this equation)

The first couple of images seem to be from India:

How this guy can see the road, that’s what I want to know:

Animals hitching a ride:

A man with a lamb cruises Havana on a motorcycle:

(image via)

Carrying dinosaurs is all in a day’s job:

Boarding the train can be quite an exercise:

Another way to get a workout:


Not safe, by any stretch of imagination?

This guy, though, seems to know what he’s doing (this boulder was there for ages):

(most images are from unknown originals and sources. Please help us to add the original credits if you know the info)



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February 9th, 2012

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