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Just Geeking Out: Office Creativity (Funny Pics)

Link – article by Avi Abrams

It’s a Geek Thing! or, “Haters Gonna Hate” (until they end up in a cubicle and start doing the same thing)

All sorts of office life can be enhanced and even jump-started back to “normal” when you use your imagination and come up with strange and marvelous things to do, or weirdly inventive things to use. Today we are having a fun look at some of the options available:

Some great ideas for your switch (more hamster treadmill stickers here) – and for ringing a bell:

(images via 1, 2)

Go all the way! -

If you do not play piano, then turn the poor thing into a computer workstation (more info):

(images via)

Here is a truly ergonomic workplace:

A bedroom can also be outfitted with a dashboard (here is an airplane cockpit… but, really, you can just use a giant Cessna wall mural – see here):

(image credit: J.R. Favaro, via)

The wiring job is the most important part of the project. One jumbled wire can ruin everything. Interestingly, on the other hand, “Jiggle the wire” method can fix everything, too.

(Jane Fonda looking suspiciously at the complex “Moog” wiring job – order the print here)

Security and cleanliness are of paramount importance, too:

(print ad for MAPA protective gloves)

Have some spare time? Create pencil art: colorful and unique -

(“Colored Pencil Zipper”, via)

The other way to kill time is to stuff bended paperclips in every nook and cranny – and post results on a blog, called Photographs of Paper Clips (by Rupert Burr). Addictive? No? Well, worth a try:

(images credit: Rupert Burr)

What else can be made from paperclips? Why, weapons of course! – more here

(images via)

If you get bored, there is also a science to girl-watching (“Know Your Angles”):

Too many cardboard boxes? Create extreme 3D art out of them! (art by John Powers, more here):

(image via)

Another great idea of what to do in the office: “Places I Have NOT Been”, by Evan Drolet Cook:

(image credit:

Going swimming? Then don a “Geek Suit”:

(images credit: James Lillis)

Here are some of the geekiest swimsuits ever, by the Australian designer James Lillis (see more and order them here):

(images credit: James Lillis)

Computer look-alikes & other cool office accessories

It’s important to nurture and protect a little hipster in us all. These products help you to do just that:

This Keyboard for Blondes is appropriately pink and very user-friendly:

(image credit:

Buy it here; you can even try a demo on this page.

Another great (or “greatly-confusing”) keyboard is this vintage one. Turns out, this is actually a keyboard for one-handed typing (more info):

(image via)

The utmost confusion:

Step on it! -

iPad? No, just a notepad:

iPoo Toilet! For any “Get a Mac” fanatic out there:

(designed by Milos Paripovic – see here)

Some great ways to play with iPods and iPhones (turn it into a boombox, for example, with GelaSkin):

(Boombox skin is also available for Blackberry here)

Give your phone a violin treatment:

(image via)

Ger some circuitry in your Twinkie (by Brock Davis):

(image credit: Brock Davis)

Power extension “stick man” (left) and a weird gel remote that goes limp when not in use (seductively pulsating with soft light):

(image via)

Cooling fan! (and the power of words and good vocabulary):

The Typescreen (a licensed Apple product) is actually April Fools (so don’t go here to buy it):

(images via)

Pavement Keyboard, spotted in Brussels, Belgium:

(image credit: Timo Arnall)

Another great promotion stunt is the appearance of these USB ports all over the city:

(image via)

The project is called “Dead Drops” and “is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. USB flash drives are embedded into walls, buildings and curbs accessible to anybody in public space. Everyone is invited to drop or find files on a dead drop” – more info

Geek Weddings & Other Fashion Overload

You gotta be properly dressed for the high life in the office:

Recycle your ties:

Wedding cake options just got a lot more geek-friendly: this is xkcd wedding cake (left):

(images via 1, 2)

On the right is the Tetris Cake, of course, plus there are such geekology morsels as Death Star Cake, info and Mario Cake… H. R. Giger Cake (from Jet City Cakes) and PacMan Cake:

(images via 1, 2)

We also love these knitted cake toppers for a geek wedding (kinda like a “cake mitten”) – more info:

(image via)

Some of the other cool geek wedding cake ideas can be seen here.

Geek Alerts: Brand New “Non-Geek Intimidating” Products!

This will look great on your desk… Kakuzai’s Wood Memo Block, designed by Kenjiro Sano:

(image via)

Take your chair with you and rest any time you want:

“Created by Korean artist JooYoun Paek, the self-sustainable chair is a polyethylene-made dress, connected to a pair of shoes” – see the video of this “chair” in action.

If your job is not very glamorous, you can at least pretend that it is:

(image via)

This is actually a t-shirt design by IndieTech – buy it here.

If you actually own a Segway (or two), here is how you can store them:

(image via)

This is the GM’s “Opel Flextreme” concept, debuted in 2007. The system will also charge your Segways while stored.

A humble dump cart can be designed in a most fetching way, too:

(design by Igarashi, see more here)

Somebody should write (or rather, compile) the Catalog of Ultimate Office Frustrations. Receiving rocks in your packaging instead of a printer, is probably one of them:

Finally, here is a “Weird Love of Scientists”:

and here’s how scientists explain themselves:

(original unknown)




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