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Quantum Man by Julian Voss-Andreae

Quantum Man

Quantum Man is a modern sculpture created by Julian Voss-Andreae, which is located in the City of Moses Lake, Washington.

Drawing inspiration from Voss-Andreae’s background in physics[2], “Quantum Man” is the image of a walking man seen as a quantum object. Made up of over a hundred vertically oriented steel sheets, the 8’ (2.50 m) tall sculpture provides a metaphor for the counter-intuitive world of quantum physics. Symbolizing the dual nature of matter, the sculpture seems to consist of solid steel when seen from the front but nearly disappears when seen from the side, as light shines through the spaces between the slabs[3].

In 2007, Voss-Andreae created a second version called “Quantum Man 2″ in stainless steel.
Quantum Man

Quantum Man


Julian Voss-Andreae (born 15 August 1970 in Hamburg, Germany) is a German sculptor living and working in the U.S.

Voss-Andreae started out as a painter and later studied experimental physics at the universities of Berlin, Edinburgh and Vienna. Voss-Andreae pursued his graduate research in quantum physics in Anton Zeilinger’s research group, participating in an experiment demonstrating quantum behavior for the largest objects to date. He moved to the U.S. in 2000 and graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2004.

Voss-Andreae’s work is heavily influenced by his background in science. His work includes protein sculptures. such as Angel of the West (2008). a large-scale outdoor sculpture for the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter (Fla.) portraying the human antibody molecule, a sculpture for Nobel laureate Roderick MacKinnon based on the ion channel structure. and the quantum physics-inspired Quantum Man (2006)

Update: A video showing people watching at Quantum Man 2 sculpture City of Moses Lake, Washington

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