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Men Sperm Bank in China

Reportedly, the Shanghai Sperm Bank is offering white coated young ladies to assist able bodied men in the donation of their sperm.

According to the report, donors are required to be in prime health and must volunteer to abstain from sex or self gratification for four days prior to the visit. Once there, a young lady will assist carefully collecting the sperm up to three times per visit.

Payment is said to be approximately $30 for each session, and donations can be given up to five times a month.

While such meticulous attention to customer service seems exemplary in China,

Sadly for aspiring donors, this does indeed appear to be a spot of mischief on the part of Chinese forum-goers.

Investigation reveals the dream shattering revelation that the images come from a Japanese AV and that the facility in question explicitly denied the report, pointing out that donations are conducted in individual stalls (with no assistance) to preserve donor privacy, and so condemning thousands of men to despair

Chinese Sperm Bank 1

Chinese Sperm Bank
This is a real sperm bank in China, where men actually go the sperm bank, lie down on the bed and the nurses masturbate them to remove (read:masturbate) their sperms in a hygienic manner !!!

Chinese Sperm Bank 2

Chinese Sperm Bank
P.S.: Many massage service in the streets you can found easily in most big cities in China (Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, etc) and they are mostly will deliberately give you pleasure to get horny and finally they offer you “massage plus plus”, that is, help you to give cums by masturbate…Price of this “plus plus” is an extra and optional. But if you are pervert, you couldn’t resist those beautiful pretty girls using short sexy shirts and boobs, and you guys also end up wanted a “massage plus plus”.

Chinese Sperm Bank 3

Chinese Sperm Bank
P.S. 2: Man…If you find sperm bank in China, you don’t need pay quite amount of money for “massage plus plus” !!!! But you might can’t find “pretty sexy girls” compare to in sperm bank it’s only a nurse which you can’t do nothing to them and the nurse also would not do nothing to you except getting you horny and masturbate

Just what technique is used for semen extraction is not made clear; likely it involves the traditional gravure magazines.

Chinese Sperm Bank

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September 24th, 2009

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  1. OMG ! Pity there arent such Sperm Banks in Europe :>

  2. Big Kummer

    Wow I would donate everyday

  3. Chris

    Just curious. Why do the guys wear masks, but the girls don’t?

  4. papa


    need to focus on donating the sperms only “is there any need of this procedures”?
    what the above picture are.

  5. Marko


    this is not in can see the magazine iz written in japanese…..
    so who see the difference will see that…see ya

  6. BigDick

    Holly crap! That’s awesome!

  7. nadal

  8. sexy b

    Wow, thats my dream to be one of those girls… NOT! Who made up this crazy sperm donating crap anyway, its for people who can’t find a good enough mate. and this is obviously for men who need some attention because they can’t get it anywhere else. In other words its just a excuse for a brothel.

  9. cheese

    i would say the mask would hide the beauty of the girls face,which would bring up the anxiety of the man. but i guess its health risk on the girls part maybe it comes with the job?

  10. Amir

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