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Feline Fanatic Collects Thousands of Ceramic Cats | Wired Collection

A feline fanatic has spent the last 60 years amassing a bizarre collection of over 2,000 ceramic cats… and she won’t stop until it’s purr-fect.

Pamela Cole, 60, from Birmingham, has been collecting the cats since the late 1940s, after her mother gave her a replica of a beloved kitten.

The collection, thought to be worth over £50,000, contains ornaments worth anything from 10p to over £1,000 and she even has one cat dating back to 600BC.

Pam, who now has a staggering 2,222 cats of varying shapes and sizes, says she keeps them in her spare bedroom and has stopped anyone sleeping in there.

But despite already being short of space to display them, she said she can’t wait to get her paws on more.

Speaking of her collection Pamela said: “I really do have them from all over the world, and I’ve bought them in china shops, toy shops, antiques shops, at craft fairs, antiques fairs and on eBay.

“I try to get them as different as possible, and I have them from every continent.”

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February 2nd, 2011

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