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Couple return honeymoon with daughter

A couple who spent the last four years sailing around the world on their dream honeymoon have finally returned home – with the two-year-old daughter they conceived during their voyage.

Dave and Hazel McCabe set off on their 14,000 mile odyssey after getting married in the UK in 2005.
Couple return honeymoon with daughter

Plain sailing: Dave and Hazel McCabe, pictured with two-year-old daughter Katie, have just returned after a four-year honeymoon sailing around the world

Their journey on a renovated trawler saw them sail around the coast of Europe and North Africa, before crossing the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean.

Two years into their honeymoon, Hazel fell pregnant and she flew back to the UK from the island of St Martin to give birth.

After Katie was born, Hazel resumed the trip up the U.S. coast to New York, with their new crew member in tow.
Couple return honeymoon with daughter

Paradise: The McCabes’ boat, Ros Ailither, seen at sunset moored off St Lucia

Mrs McCabe, 37, said: ‘Katie is a really active little girl and it was wonderful to have her on board.

They had to navigate several storms during the voyage, including a hurricane off the coast of North Africa.
Couple return honeymoon with daughter

Love boat: The McCabes’ refurbished trawler which took them on their 14,000 mile journey by Africa, the Caribbean and North America

Mr McCabe, 42, said: ‘One of the most wonderful things was being alone in the mid-Atlantic for days and then suddenly being surrounded by dolphins.

‘It’s been a marvellous experience but it’s nice to be home, particularly to see old friends.’

The couple now plan to set up a boat building business at their home in Topsham, Devon.
Couple return honeymoon with daughter

Spectacular: A pod of dolphins swims alongside the McCabes’ trawler off the coast of Gibraltar

Couple return honeymoon with daughter

Statuesque: The family sail around the Statue of Liberty at New York, before heading home to England after 4 years at sea

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