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Disney Princess Wedding

This bride has the most tolerant and cooperative family and friends ever -including the groom. Eight bridesmaid were dressed as various Disney Princesses. The bride, impersonating Ariel (The Little Mermaid) was accompanied down the aside by King Triton, escorted by flower girl Tinkerbell, and was presented to her groom, dressed as Prince Eric. The officiant [...]

Simply Orange is Anything But Simple

Image: Jeremyville Actually, it’s quite complex. You see, Simply Orange, which is made by Coca-Cola, is a highly industrial product engineered according to a complex algorithm called the "Black Book": Revenue Analytics consultant Bob Cross, [...]

Giant Pine Cones Made from Shovel Blades

These beautiful sculptures by Canadian artist Floyd Elzinga are perfect for a large garden. They’re made from the blades of shovels. Their great size expresses what he calls “the aggressive nature of seeds.” You can view more at the gallery link below. Gallery and Artist’s Website -via Recylart

Ice Skull

Ice Skull Are you dead tired of serving up boring rectangular ice cubes to your hipster friends? You need the Ice Skull from the NeatoShop. This frightentingly fabulous Ice Skull mold is easy to use and makes a 3″ tall skull out of ice. Simply fill the mold with water, freeze, and remove the ice skull [...]

Bakeball Bat Rolling Pin

Bakeball Bat Rolling Pin  Boy it’s cold out there! Are you looking for an indoor sport you can really sink your teeth into? Batter up and get baking with the Bakeball Bat Rolling Pin from the NeatoShop! This deliciously fun rolling pin is shaped like a baseball bat. The Bakeball Bat Rolling Pin is a great [...]

Patrick Stewart in a Ball Pit

How many lights do you see, Captain? Patrick Stewart’s current Twitter profile picture shows him grinning in the face of Cardassian torture. Link -via reddit

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

(YouTube link) Soul Pancake has a video series featuring the delightful character Kid President. He has a pep talk to encourage you to become less boring and more awesome (“You’re gooder than that.”). Robert Frost may have taken the road less traveled, but this kid will take the one that leads to awesome! -via Viral Viral [...]

17 Ways to Eat Beer

Behold: beer-battered deep fried dill pickles. This marvel was made with horseradish, Dijon mustard, buttermilk and pilsner. It’s one of seventeen delicious culinary works that use beer as a central ingredient. You can view the rest at the link. Link | Photo: Jesse Kimbal, Memphis Taproom

Beaming Mona Lisa to the Moon with Laser

Why is the Mona Lisa smiling? You would too if your image is beamed to the moon with laser! NASA scientists digitized the famous painting and sent it almost 240,000 miles away to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter using laser pulses from [...]

Shortest Film

(YouTube link) Shortest Film is a very short film by John Elerick. The credits are another story. They are very long, but probably the only credits you’ll see this year that are worth reading at all -unless, of course, you’re in them. -via Laughing Squid