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STD Frisbee

You just caught Chlamydia! Illustrator Matt Wiley designed these Sexually Transmitted Diseases frisbees as public service ad campaign to raise awareness on how easy catching STDs can be: The main idea is to throw these (gently) to passers-by on college campuses [...]

Complaint Sticky Notes

Complaint Sticky Notes Time is of the essence. Streamline your complaining with the Complaint Sticky Notes from the NeatoShop. This pint-sized complaint pad makes complaining simple and efficient. Fill in the blanks, check off an few boxes, and write a bitingly short note. The best part?  The Complaint Sticky Notes includes 100 sheets of pure sticky [...]

Office Depot and OfficeMax to Merge

Well, at least they don’t have to change the first part of their names! The Wall Street Journal reported that OfficeMax and Office Depot are merging: OfficeMax Inc. and Office Depot Inc. are in advanced talks to merge, people familiar [...]

You Had One Job

You Had One Job is a photo repository for the meme, which contains hundreds of photos already, with more coming in constantly. You can eat up quite a bit of time looking through them! Continue reading to see some of the best. See more at the site You Had One Job. Link  -via Laughing Squid

Notes From an Expedition to the Cellfoan People

This classic article is from the Annals of Improbable Research. by David D. Levine, Portland, Oregon Illustrations by Lino Martins The Cellfoan People are composed of numerous tribes. Although mutually dependent on each other, these tribes are fiercely competitive, and a good deal of their [...]

A Truck Carrying a Truck Carrying a Truck Carrying a Car

A Polish truck driver needed to move four vehicles to Belgium. As you can see, he devised an ingenious solution. He almost made it, but spoilsport police in the town of Krefeld, Germany stopped him. Link (Translation) -via Jalopnik | Photo: Police of Krefeld

The Dalek Commute

No power in the universe can stop the Daleks, but even the powerful extraterrestrial race has got a commute. David Dewhurst snapped some photos of the filming of Doctor Who’s "An Adventure in Space [...]

Bad Dog!

Photo: Ken Steinhardt/OC Register We’re going to need a giant roll of newspaper to discipline that dog! As part of his exhibit "Ain’t Painting a Pain," artist Richard Jackson created a giant 28-foot-high puppy [...]

Mandala Bookcase

Veronica’s bookcase elegantly displays the beauty of the written word and the reading life. She writes: My apartment is quite small and I am lawyer so I have to read a lot. I really enjoy it,and didn’t want to have the typical 50 inch tv on my living room wall… I needed a library but it had to be [...]

Birds-of-Paradise Project: Psychedelic Smiley Face

(YouTube link) You may have seen the weird mating display of the Superb Bird of Paradise before, but now you can see how he does it. This video is part of the Birds-of-Paradise Project from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It took 8 years and 18 expeditions to New Guinea, Australia, and nearby islands, but Cornell Lab [...]