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Strangest fast food lawsuits?

Cracked has a post detailing the seven most bizarre fast food industry lawsuits. There’s quite a few hilarious ones that you probably never heard about.  It’s amazing what people will sue over these days.

Strangest Sundae?

Ice cream sundaes come in all shapes and sizes, but how about this “ice cream” sundae? Apparently over in Nebraska some people prefer replacing the ice cream with a main entree!  The final flavor does seem a bit intriguing.  There’s another interesting meal at the end of the post over at the andiamnotlying blog.

McDonalds’s Pizza!

Wow, this is quite some creation!  In fact, I wish I could head on down to the local McDonald’s and order one of these right now.  Unfortunately, I doubt this will be on the menu anytime soon.  Fortunately, some brave soul was adventurous enough to create this at home.  In case you can’t tell, that’s [...]