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IBM Scientists Distinguish Individual Molecular Bonds

IBM scientists in Zurich, Switzerland, who captured the first close-up image of a single molecule (a pentacene back in 2009), and the charge distribution of a single molecule, has scored another scientific first: [...]

Permission to Sin: Why The 7 Deadlies Aren’t So Terrible After All

Scientists have found that the seven deadly sins aren’t all bad. Consider this your official permission to give in to temptation. 1. SLOTH Quit beating yourself up about your unused gym membership: It’s only 10 percent your fault! Turns out, laziness is largely genetic. In 2004, Timothy Lightfoot, currently a kinesiologist at Texas A&M University, began publishing [...]

Is the Sun surrounded by dark matter ?

University of Zurich researchers have made the claim after building a simulation of the Milky Way. The team believe that previous techniques have unde…

Did egg-laying cause dinosaur extinction ?

Scientists have suggested that egg-laying may have been a factor in the extinction of the dinosaurs. Scientists including University of Zurich’s Marcu…

Super-Precise Automatic Musical Instrument

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Super-Precise Automatic Musical Instrument You may have seen this fake (3D animated) automated instrument before, made by Animusic way back in 2001 – click here. Now you can see the actual “Pipe Dream” real instrument in action! It’s been brought to life by Intel, and plays real music with real [...]

Skullball Machine

Are you redecorating a nursery? If so, I’ve got a great idea for it! Kids love gumball machines. And skulls. Artist Marco Perego combined the two for an exhibit at the Galerie Gmurzynska in Zurich, Switzerland. Link -via @itscolossal | Museum Website

10 Unusual Restaurants Found Around the World

When I was growing up in suburban New Jersey, the most unusual thing about any of the restaurants within a 10-mile radius of my neighborhood was that one of them had a free gumball machine in the entry vestibule. Actually, it wasn’t technically free. It was more like the regular kids, like me, knew that [...]

Ancient & Marvelous Turtles

“QUANTUM SHOT” #720 Link – article by Avi Abrams Secret of their survival? - They go inside their shell for a long time and THINK. Then, they ACT. Or rather, don’t. Turtles are old species. How old? They existed before mammals, birds, crocodiles and lizards… some say even before the dinosaurs themselves, well into the Triassic period (more info). They [...]

Advanced robotics – meet the real life C-3PO

Developed at the University of Zurich, the humanoid creation has its own artificial muscles and tendons. Nicknamed Ecci ( short for Eccerobot ), the r…

Tennis Playing Robotic Swiss Quadrocopters

They say that one day robots and computers will be able to do things better than humans can. This pair of flying machines can already play tennis better than I can. Granted that’s not saying much on my part, but still the video at the link is really impressive. Mark Muller, Sergei Lupashin and Raffaello D’Andrea [...]