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Eaten by a Grue: A Brief History of Zork

Zork is a text-based video game, a genre also known as “interactive fiction,” whose defining feature is the absence of typical video game graphics. Instead, the game’s environments and the actions you take are described for you. For example, the first line of Zork is, “You are standing in an open field west of [...]

Play Zork on a Rotary Phone

Zork, a classic computer game from the 1970s, is now accessible through a rotary phone. The project is appropriately called “Dial-A-Grue”: [...] a chap named Ulysses got the vintage game to run on a TDD (telecommunications device for the deaf) — a project he built to show off at the Bay Area Maker Faire last weekend. [...]

Tiny, Functional Atari 810 Disk Drive

Blogger rossum recently played Zork for the first time in three decades, and it inspired him to make a tiny model of the Atari 810 drive. This one, however, reads SD cards. The picture above shows his drive sitting on top of an original 810. Link via Geekosystem