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Ransom E. Olds on the Olds Pirate Racing Car

Photo: Wikipedia Zoom! Dark Roasted Blend has a fantastic collection of men fulfilling their need for speed. Take a look at their neat gallery of Land Speed Record Vehicles: Link [...]

Portrait of Darth Vader Created with Star Wars Script

David Johns created a portrait of Darth Vader using the script of Star Wars as his medium. At the link, you can zoom in to see what’s written in different parts of the image. Link via Geekologie

Gigagalaxy Zoom

This is what I ended up with after just a minute of playing around with Gigagalaxy Zoom, a project by the European Southern Observatory. Start with the Milky Way galaxy as seen by the naked eye, zoom into a section of it, then zoom to the next stage! There are lots and lots of variations, [...]