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Zoo to Send Orangutan to a Private Island to Quit Smoking

[YouTube clip] It’s hard to quit. So when zookeepers in Indonesia want to help Tori the orangutan to quit smoking, they decided to take drastic measures: Tori learned to smoke 10 years ago [...]

Chimp Devises Increasingly Complex Attacks Against Zoo Visitors

And so the ape uprising has begun. Researchers discovered that a male chimp at Furuvik Zoo in Sweden named Santino has been devising increasingly complex attacks against zoo visitors: At first Santino was famous for throwing rocks and other projectiles [...]

Meet Evita

Three-month old Evita the ocelot was born in January at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. She was introduced to zoo visitors for the first time yesterday. See more pictures at the zoo blog. Link -via Urlesque

Tama Zoo Drill: Tiger

(YouTube link) The Tama Zoo and the Ueno Zoo (both in Tokyo) perform annual training drills so that zookeepers know what to do when an animal escapes. Since they cannot use a dangerous beast, workers dress as the escapee, which gives zoo visitors and web surfers an entertaining interlude. The drill this week at the Tama [...]