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Every Time Zone

Every Time Zone might be a real handy site to bookmark! See how your local time compares to that of other cities around the world right now. Or any time, for that matter. Click on a bar to pull up more information about that time, zone, or city. Link -via the Presurfer

Tunnel Vision: Cool Corridors Around the World

Who knew? A tunnel dug underneath the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea is open for tours, even though you cannot access the ground above it! This is just one of several odd and interesting corridors you can read about in a list at Atlas Obscura. Others are in Vietnam, Brooklyn, Liverpool, and Australia. [...]

Sounds from Dangerous Places: Chernobyl

I’ve devoted many a post to the way the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone — that 25km swath evacuated around the Ukrainian nuclear reactor that failed in 1986 — looked. It’s a wonderland of creepy decay, its buildings full of personal effects because the people who lived there were given so little time to evacuate. I’ve never [...]

Calvin and Hobbes in The Twilight Zone

Cartoonist Timonthy Lim and writer Mark Pellegrini imagined Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes as the villain in “It’s a Good Life“, an episode of The Twilight Zone. Pictured above is one panel. Pellegrini writes: Tonight’s story on The Twilight Zone is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. On a given morning not [...]

Why The Twilight Zone is the King of Sci-Fi

The Twilight Zone was more than just a science fiction television show. It was theater that made you think, a showcase for Rod Serling’s vision for television, and it was a proving ground for talented but relatively unknown actors, like William Shatner. The Twilight Zone featured some of Hollywood’s most famous faces… or at least faces [...]

Video: Inside the Chernobyl “Zone of Alienation”

On April 26, 1986 a massive accident occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in what is now the Ukraine. A nuclear reactor exploded, sending radioactive fallout into the atmosphere and killing more than 50 people, with another 800,000 exposed to radiation and increased risk of cancer. Around the Chernobyl plant is a 30-kilometer Zone [...]

10 Most Influential Desks

The Toy Zone has a list of historical desks on which the owner helped shape the world. Pictured is the desk Charles Dickens used to write such classics as Great Expectations. Also see the work spaces of Shakespeare, Gandhi, Winston Churchill, and others. Link -via the Presurfer

7 Things You Might Not Know About The Twilight Zone

Mental_floss is celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Twilight Zone in their own way, by bringing trivia about the show. For example, great acting wasn’t exactly a priority during filming of the episodes. Interestingly enough, many of the actors in these pieces, when interviewed decades after the fact, confessed that they weren’t particularly proud of their [...]

Happy 50th Anniversary Twilight Zone!

You are about to enter a dimension of sight and sound…of a column requested by a reader. That’s a signpost up ahead – next stop, TV-Holic’s look at The Twilight Zone. 1. The Truth about the Theme Song Much like the “dum-de-DUM-dum” Dragnet theme, the opening notes of The Twilight Zone theme song have become a pop [...]

The Twilight Zone Turns 50

Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the debut of The Twilight Zone. The first episode of Rod Serling’s classic horror/suspense television show aired on October 2, 1959. William Kates wrote for the AP about the origin of the series: In a time on television when suburbia was idealized in popular shows such as “Ozzie and Harriet” [...]