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Zombie Iron Man

Add the best superhero (he is the best, not a typo) with the best living dead creatures and what do you get? Zombie Iron Man. So maybe it’s a stretch to say Iron Man could even become a zombie, how could they bite through the suit after all, but zombies are a stretch of the [...]

The Walking Dead: The Musical

(YouTube link) You know what’s missing from the AMC series The Walking Dead? Dancing! See the all-singing, all-dancing walkers/zombies communicate their feelings in this little production number from AVbyte. This contains NO spoilers from the TV show. -via The Daily What

Zombie CPR

The Undeading shows you how simple it is to perform CPR. It’s so simple that even zombies could do it! After all, they want to eat live braiiiinnss, not dead ones: Hit play or [...]

The Machete Wrench

Fighting zombies? Fixing your alternator? You’ll need a tool for both jobs. Enter the Mechanic’s Machete, a tool designed specifically for post-apocalyptic scenarios. Its maker, Instructables member EV Builder, is also working on a solar-powered electric vehicle that will be ideal after the collapse of civilization. Link

Zombie Hand Cupcake Stand

Zombie Hand Cupcake Stand – $7.95 Here at the NeatoShop we believe that Zombies were people too. Put a zombie to work at your next party with the Zombie Hand Cupcake stand from the NeatoShop. This deliciously fun disposable card stand can hold 24 cupcakes. It will make your next cupcake display a real scream. Be sure [...]

How to Make Brains

Edible brains are easy; you’ve seen the recipes for gelatin or cake brains made in a brain mold. But here’s how the folks in Hollywood do it, to give an authentic look and feel when zombies eat them on camera. It’s not the delicious recipe you need for a party, but if ingested, it is [...]

It’s Dogs Vs. Zombies In Play Dead

(Vimeo Link) Humans aren’t the only living species that have to deal with the undead problem during a zombie apocalypse, man’s best friend has to lend a hand too, so they don’t become a furry lunch special. Play Dead is a short film that focuses on what our dogs go through when the zombies come to town. This [...]

Zombies Never Die Wallet

Zombies Never Die Wallet Р$17.95 Is your wallet on its last leg?  Are you looking to upgrade it to a more sophisticated bag? The Zombies Never Die Wallet from the NeatoShop is not for you! This fantastic bag is only for people with a true appreciation for zombie humor, not stuffy people like yourself. When [...]

The Ultimate Locket For Zombies

Romantics like to keep photos of the people they love in heart-shaped lockets, but for those that have more cerebral relationships, this brain-shaped locket is a great alternative. It also works well for zombies to remember the loved ones whose brains they consumed. Link Via Oddee

Zombies Never Die Bowler Purse

Zombie’s Never Die Bowler Purse – $33.95 Help! Mother’s Day is coming. Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for your zombie loving Mom? Get her the Zombies Never Die Bowler Purse from the NeatoShop. This chic purse is to die for. Are you a big spender? Show Mom how much you really care by [...]