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Synchronized Flushing of One Million Toilets Planned in Zimbabwe

Severe drought conditions in Zimbabwe have caused a number of issues for larger cities, including blocked sewers (thanks to dry supply dams). To help alleviate the stinky situation, the city of Bulawayo has adopted an interesting strategy: synchronized flushing. Bulawayo City Council has asked its more than 1 million residents to flush their toilets simultaneously at [...]

Humongous Conservation Area Created in Africa

A new conservation area called KAZA has been established in Africa that unites five countries and dwarfs previous wildlife conservation programs. It symbolizes cooperation between nations as well as the fact that wildlife doesn’t share our concept of boundaries. Spanning an area of Africa almost the size of Italy, the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, or [...]

100-Trillion-Dollar Bill, on Sale for $5 on eBay

In Zimbabwe, virtually everyone is a trillionaire who walk around with wheelbarrowful of money! Wait, perhaps that’s not such a good thing after all … except for numismatists and eBayers. A 100-trillion-dollar bill, it turns out, is worth about $5. That’s the going rate for Zimbabwe’s highest denomination note, the biggest ever produced for legal tender—and a [...]

The Late Movies: 10 Great Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now (on Netflix)

If you haven’t discovered Netflix and its instant streaming feature yet, it’s pretty magical. I watch so many more movies now because of it — and I’m much more quick to turn off the ones I’m not enjoying than I would be if I were renting the movies on physical discs, which means I end [...]

What’s the Streisand Effect?

“The Internet interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” – Internet pioneer John Gilmore Back in 2003, aerial photographer Kenneth Adelman photographed hundreds of miles of California coastline as part of a government-sanctioned effort to document coastal erosion. Of the 12,000 photographs he took and posted online, one happened to include an opulent cliffside mansion [...]

Putin’s New Puppy and Other Snuggly Diplomatic Gifts

© Pierre Marsaut/ZUMA Press/Corbis Last week, during their meeting about the South Stream gas transit pipeline and other large-scale energy projects, Bulgarian Premier Boyko Borisov gave Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin a Karakachan puppy, which he nuzzled in front of the cameras. Throughout history, many other world leaders have exchanged animals. From showing might to making [...]

What Hyperinflation Looks Like

Mintlife has a fascinating slideshow of various currencies that have undergone massive inflation — often during periods of war or political instability. It seems funny at first glance, until you ponder what life would really be like in a society undergoing that kind of upheaval. Anyone who has lived through a period of hyperinflation can tell [...]

Funny Money: Unusual and Fascinating Currency

Dark Roasted Blend takes a look at artful and unusual bank notes from around the world, past and present. You thought Zimbabwe’s inflation was outrageous when they issued the 100 billion dollar notes? Now they have 100 trillion dollar notes! That kind of hyperinflation is not new, as you’ll see in this post. Link

Gas mask bra Wins Nobel prize in 2009

Engineers who invented a brassiere that converts quickly into a gas mask and pathologists who determined that beer bottles can crack your skull even when empty have both picked up “IgNobel” prizes. Dr. Elena Bodnar, winner of the Ig Nobel Public Health Prize, displays a bra she designed that converts into a pair of gas masks Prizes [...]

Man lives with 100,000 bees

A man in Zimbabwe has been accused of witchcraft as he has lived with over 100,000 bees in his small house for two years. The bees were finally dr…