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10 Christmas-Themed Hot Dogs

Did you get enough holiday meals this year? I know I didn’t since Zeon and I were too sick to go to our family’s houses over the weekend so we just had turkey sage burgers with cranberry sauce. If you’re like me and want more of that tasty holiday flavor, then perhaps you could try [...]

These Chinchillas Don’t Wish You A Merry Christmas

(Video Link) Zeon and I tried to put together a special Christmas video of our chinchillas for all of you readers, but Chachi and Cinderella just weren’t having it. He barked the whole time and she suspiciously eyed the tree, ignoring the delicious papaya treats underneath.

If Wes Anderson Directed Star Wars

Zeon posted about various director’s audition tapes for Star Wars earlier this week, but this one "by" Wes Anderson is perfect! Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – Thanks [...]

20 Weird, Funny & Half-Assed Comic Con Costumes

Jill and Zeon went to Comic Con in San Diego and took tons of pictures of cosplayers, but you knew that because the best of them were in the post 50 Wonderful Comic Con Costumes From 2012. Well, sooner or later the other shoe had to drop, and now the costumes from the other end [...]

Photo-Realistic Paintings of Hero Toys

Zeon and I are at Comic Con this weekend and while we won’t have anything to show you until later in the week, I thought you might all appreciate these fantastic hyper-realist paintings by Simon Monk for the time being. There is a whole set featuring all sorts of costumed crusaders locked inside tiny plastic [...]

Thom Browne’s Fall 2012 Haute Couture Fashion

Zeon posted about Thom Browne’s latest Fall 2012 haute couture designs, but he missed these two. I think I saw John Farrier sporting these looks just a couple of [...]