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Man Took Zebra and Bird Out on the Town

Jerald Reiter of Cascade, Iowa, was arrested Sunday night for drunk driving with a blood-alcohol level of .148. Police had stopped him to check on the welfare of the passengers in his truck: a zebra and a macaw. Reiter, 55, told The Des Moines Register that the zebra and parrot are like friends to him and [...]

Zebra Courtney Apron

Zebra Courtney Apron – $33.95 Is your Mom a wild woman in the kitchen? This Mother’s Day give Mom a gift that reflects her exciting personality. Give her the Zebra Courtney Apron from the NeatoShop. This chic apron comes with a removable pink flower. Show Mom she is “Z” best Mom ever by also getting her the [...]

How did zebras get their stripes ?

Researchers believe zebras evolved stripes as a way to help keep blood-sucking flies at bay. The origin of a zebra’s stripes has been a topic of much …

Zebra is a Jumping Horse

Sammi Jo Stohler had a problem: her zebra Zach kept jumping out of his field, so much that she had an eight-foot fence built. So she turned his habit into an asset by training Zach to show off his jumps! Stohler took Zach in after his former owner had trouble with him. “As I was training [...]

Scientists Develop Zebra Barcode Reader

Scientists have developed an image scanning program that can distinguish between individual zebras by their stripes: When a zebra has been entered into the database and given a StripeCode, the researchers match another picture of the same animal by comparing the StripeStrings of the new and original images. Each image will generate a different set of [...]

Top 10 Incredible Sharks

Despite the fact that most sharks are harmless, the very thought of them strikes fear in most of us. Swimming at the beach just hasn’t been the same since the film Jaws came out. This list looks at ten sharks that are incredible due to their appearance, ability, or uniqueness in the animal kingdom. If [...]