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10 Ideas for Antiquating Your Modern Technology

Modern technology is amazing and efficient. But there is something to be said for the giddy nostalgia created by products from the past. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to combine the two experiences. 1. Rotary iPhone Dialer App For just 99-cents you too can be really frustrated every time you call your friend who has [...]

The Late Movies: Saved by the Bell’s Musical Numbers

I love Saved by the Bell more than is probably reasonable for a grown woman. (Need evidence? Click here and here.) One of my favorite things about the show was always its impromptu and unexplained musical numbers. Here are six moments when the gang from Bayside song burst into song. Hot Fudge Sundaes In perhaps the most [...]

Zebra is a Jumping Horse

Sammi Jo Stohler had a problem: her zebra Zach kept jumping out of his field, so much that she had an eight-foot fence built. So she turned his habit into an asset by training Zach to show off his jumps! Stohler took Zach in after his former owner had trouble with him. “As I was training [...]

10 Stars Who Appeared on Saved by the Bell

While the main cast of Saved by the Bell had varied success in their post-Bayside lives, many of the show’s guests star went on to achieve Hollywood success. Here’s 10 appearances by now-notable performers. 1. Christine Taylor The former fake Marcia Brady and current Mrs. Ben Stiller appeared in a 1991 episode of the series (titled “S.A.T.s”) [...]