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Calculation Aid Tattoo

Zach lost a finger and didn’t want to have to take off a shoe to count to ten. So he got Kirk Nilsen of the Crown & Anchor Tattoo Parlor in Point Pleasant, New Jersey to ink this helpful replacement. Link | Artist’s Website

How to Wash a Chicken

(YouTube link) Watch Zach as he shows you all the necessary steps to chicken bathing. Link -via Swiss Miss

Odd Art Fabrications: The Makers of Neat Stuff

Our friends and neighbor (and makers of the nifty Zombie Magnets and Zombie Doorstop), Zach Manchester and Derek Reynolds of Odd Art Fabrications, got featured in the local newspaper yesterday. One thing I really like about OAF is how Zach is focusing on making things in America again. How hard could that be? Actually, from my [...]

Zebra is a Jumping Horse

Sammi Jo Stohler had a problem: her zebra Zach kept jumping out of his field, so much that she had an eight-foot fence built. So she turned his habit into an asset by training Zach to show off his jumps! Stohler took Zach in after his former owner had trouble with him. “As I was training [...]

Zach Anner Gets His TV Show

(video link) We were first introduced to 26-year old Zach Anner last summer, when he was in competition to be selected for a reality game show called Your Own Show, in which the ultimate winner would have their own TV series on Oprah Winfrey’s network. Zach made it to the show and avoided elimination. Last night [...]

The Late Giveaway: Science Tape!

If you want to distract people from the gift underneath the wrapping paper, this Science Tape from UncommonGoods is just what you need. We’ve got a roll to give away. To pick a winner, we’ll ask one mental_floss trivia question. Really obscure trivia. About the mental_floss staff. Let’s see who’s been paying attention. Or stalking. First [...]