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Bacon Potato Fritter

That, dear Neatoramanauts, is the Colonel’s Bacon Potato Fritter, which is basically mashed potato mixed with bacon, sour cream and herbs and then deep fried. Sadly, it’s only available at KFC Japan: Link - via The World’s Best Ever So, what do you think? Yum or Yuck? Would you eat it?

Melon with Mayo: Yum or Yuck?

Meanwhile in Japan, the hot new trend is … eating melon with mayonnaise. Really. You’ve probably never eaten melon with mayonnaise before. Well, we saw it being done by actress Erika Toda on the T.V. drama “SPEC” [...]

Edible Ashtray and Cigarette Butts

Looks like some people had a great time at a party. Tons of cupcakes, sweets, and … what are those yucky ashtrays and cigarette butts doing on the table? Turns out, those are edible ashtrays by Miss Cakehead and [...]