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Traces of 2,500-year-old chocolate found

A plate found in the Yucatan peninsula appears to show traces of ancient chocolate residue. The find is thought to expand upon the known uses for choc…


Don’t worry! It’s a whale shark. They’re filter feeders and are known for non-aggressive behavior toward human divers. Mauricio Handler captured this image off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, where these sharks gather during the summer. Link -via Super Punch | Photo: Mauricio Handler, National Geographic

Archaeologists Found Mayan Ruins Frozen in Time

Photo: Bolonchen Regional Archaeological Project Archaeologists have found new clues from the Mayan ruins of Kiuic in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula that may shed light on the collapse of the Maya civilization ten centuries ago: … The latest discoveries from the site may capture the moment of departure. “The people just walked away and left everything in place,” says [...]