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Where Would You Be Without Your Library?

[YouTube clip] When money got tight, libraries are the first thing to be cut from the state budget. So what’s a teeny tiny library like the one in Shutesbury, Massachusetts to do? They fight [...]

Dad Shot Laptop Over Daughter’s Facebook Post

When Tommy Jordan came across a Facebook post written by his teenage daughter complaining about how she had to do chores, he decided to film his response and upload it to YouTube: This dramatic situation started when Jordan discovered a Facebook [...]

Star Wars + Disco + Canned Tuna = So WTF It’s Awesome!

What do you get when you cross Star Wars with disco and canned tuna? This ad for Hagoromo sea chicken tuna from Japan screams “crazy” in so many ways in just 30 seconds. Too strange too miss. The Zeray Gazette has the YouTube video clip: Link | And if you like that, check out Star Wars [...]

Milk in a Bag

I learned something new … and disturbing about our neighbors to the North. It turns out that you can buy milk in plastic bags in Canada. How do you drink from plastic bags? Sheryl from Pinc Stuff explains in this short YouTube video clip over at TYWKIWDBI: Link Crazy, eh? Previously on Neatorama: Beer in a bag