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The Möbius Bagel

THIS is how a mathematician slices his bagel! Jill told us about George Hart’s Möbius Strip bagel three years ago, but surely some of you haven’t seen it yet. As you can see above, George Hart (yes, father of YouTube math star [...]

"Where The Wild Things Are" Cat

ABC News’ Nightline photographer Meredith Frost snapped this photo of a cat all made up to look like Carol from Where The Wild Things Are, over at the Pet Stylist Super Show in Knoxville, [...]

Japanese TRON Dance

There’s a good reason why this YouTube clip of Japan’s Wrecking Crew Orchestra’s TRON dance routine is making the rounds on the web: it’s EPIC! The video clip takes a bit of time before it gets going, but once it [...]

Aelita Andre: Four-Year-Old Abstract Artist

Move over, Jackson Pollock – there’s a new art prodigy in town and she’s kicking butt and taking names. And dripping paint, too. Meet four-year-old Aelita Andre: [YouTube Clip] Without explaining who Aelita was or about her age, her mother showed some examples of her art to the curator of an exhibition she was herself due [...]

Nyan Violin

Remember Nyan Cat, the awesomeness we unleashed on all you unsuspecting web users? Well, Neatoramanaut Sarah Hubbard took it to the next level with her violin. Presenting … Nyan Violin! Thanks Sarah! [YouTube Clip]

The Real Story Behind the Famous Einstein Photo

Remember the iconic photograph by Arthur Sasse of Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out? Well, Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi ad agency of Argentina explains the real story behind the photo in this Sony Cybershot ad: [YouTube Clip] Like that? One more video clip after the jump: Marilyn Monroe: [YouTube Clip]

Playing Tetris with Rubik’s Cube

What do you get when you combine Tetris with Rubik’s Cube? I can only imagine how long this clever YouTube clip by BananaNeil must’ve taken him to make! Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via Have You Seen This?

Google Exodus: What if Moses had Facebook?

What if Moses had Facebook? That’s what Jewish content website asked (and answered) with this clever YouTube clip: [YouTube Clip]

Japanese Kids Go Crazy for SpongeBob Straws

This YouTube clip of a McDonald’s commercial in Japan featuring SpongeBob straws immediately brought two things to my mind: 1. What the heck is in that juice? 2. What sane parents would buy something that turn their kids into a pile of screaming nuts? Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] Previously on Neatorama: 10 Neat Facts About [...]

All Plane Flights in the World in a Day

This one is quite neat. Here’s a YouTube clip showing all of the air traffic in the world in a single day, condensed to a little over a minute: The yellow dots are airplanes in the sky during a 24 hour period. Stay with the picture. You will see the light of the day moving from [...]