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The Late Movies: TV Batman Window Cameos

Jerry Lewis was the first guest star to pay Batman and Robin a quick visit. Sammy Davis Jr. was holding dance rehearsal when the crime fighters scaled his wall. I guess no one told Batman that Edward G. Robinson used to be a pretty big villain himself. The late Dick Clark. It was a crime fighter showdown when Batman [...]

The Marvelous Machine inside a Wine Glass

(Video Link) Szymon Klimek’s delicate machines accomplish one task: being beautiful to behold. Their tiny parts are made of 0.1 millimeter thick sheets of brass and bronze. This one, entitled “Sponge”, fits inside a large wine glass. Check out his YouTube channel for other wonders. YouTube Channel via Make

Artist Draws Two Portraits Simultaneously

(Video Link) Xiaonan Sun is a self-taught artist who specializes in charcoal and pencil portraits. He’s so good that he can draw two people at the same time, one with each hand. I hope that this video doesn’t give Alex a terrible idea about how to double productivity at Neatorama. Artist’s Website and YouTube Channel -Thanks, Jacob [...]

Carved Alien Guitar

Gig Goldstein’s carved guitar is close enough to H.R. Giger’s original design to be scary. He’s been carving for about twelve years and has gotten really good at it. You can see Goldstein’s other guitars at his YouTube channel. Link -via Walyou | Goldstein’s YouTube Channel

Japanese Woman with Limited English Describes Star Wars

(Video Link) Mika is practicing her English by explaining the plot to The Empire Strikes Back while an animator hilariously adjusts the movie accordingly. This would actually be a brilliant assignment for any foreign language teacher because it tests language acquisition in a fun way. “Next week, Billy, I want you to retell Dude, Where’s My [...]

Pink Ranger Plays the Theme to Power Rangers on a Violin

(Video Link) Lara, a musician in Sydney, has made videos reproducing the theme music from popular video games and TV shows on a violin and a piano. She often dresses the part, as she did with this video, the Xena theme, and the Sailor Moon theme. YouTube Channel -via Geekologie

Impressive Balalaika Performance

(Video link) There’s not much information available for this YouTube video. Not even the name of the musician. Maybe some Neatorama reader knows? Anyway, it’s a clip showing a guy doing an impressive performance on a balalaika – a Russian string instrument. Reader comment: William Tolley says, Alexei Arkhipovski. Here is his Youtube Channel: via Pusha

The Late Movies: Nike’s Slo-Mo Golf Ball Videos

In 2008, Nike put together a series of slow-motion videos in which golf balls were shot through various objects. The project, called “Nike Golf Juice Ball,” is surprisingly not very heavily Nike branded — it’s mostly about crazy slo-mo. Of course, they’re trying to sell their “juice ball,” so perhaps I’ve just played right into [...]

Sonic the Hedgehog Flipbook

(Video Link) What are you doing for the next hour? Good, because you’ve got a lot of entertainment ahead of you. YouTube user BloodyRenegadeX’s channel is packed with great flipbook animations, such as this one about Sonic the Hedgehog. YouTube Channel via Geekologie

RC Enterprise Submarine

(Video Link) The model builders at Yokosuka Dry Docks built a model of the Federation starship Enterprise as a remote controlled submarine. At their YouTube channel, you can see similar submersible models from Space Battleship Yamato, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Wars. Link (Google Translate) and YouTube Channel via technabob Previously: RC Enterprise Plane