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Wooden Sushi Slicing Playset

Wooden Sushi Slicing Playset – $19.95 Are you looking for a fun way to introduct the wonderful world of sushi to your less than adventourous youngster? You need the Wooden Sushi Slicing Playset from the NeatoShop. This deliciously playful 24-piece set comes with:  Sliceable Sushi Rolls Shrimp Tuna Chopsticks Soy Sauce Bowl  Wasabi  Ginger Slices Knife Serving Tray and more Playing with your food can be so much [...]

I’ll Buy All The Games You Have, Thanks

Remember when you were a youngster and you told yourself that it was ok that just just spent all of your savings on a video game because it was an “investment?” Well, for most of us, that was just a lie, but for one collector, that ended up being the truth -he just made $1.2 [...]

Awful Retro Halloween Costumes

I remember seeing stacks of these awful things on the shelves when I was a youngster, and hearing parents say things like “look for the ones that say non-flammable” and “well, at least you can use the mask”, as their kids stifled tears over their terribly disappointing selection of flimsy plastic costumes. Browse through this gallery [...]

A Tron Cycle For Your Favorite Kiddo

This Tron Light Cycle scooter just might be the ultimate kid’s toy for those aspiring to raise their children with proper reverence for all things geek. I don’t know about you guys, but I wish I had one when I was a youngster. Unfortunately, it’s only a concept at this point, but let’s hope it [...]

The Amazing Slide House

When I was a youngster, I thought firefighters were the coolest people alive…not because they were heroes, but because they got to slide down a pole to go to work. These days, while I respect the heck out of firefighters (anyone who lives in Southern California knows just how important they are), I have to [...]

The Lowest Winning Mario Score Ever

(Video Link) When I was a youngster, I was really bad at gaming. On occasion, I got so frustrated that I would just try to kill my character as fast as possible or in the most original way possible. That’s why I was so impressed with this new record for lowest score achieved through the entire [...]

3-year-old weighs over nine stone

Lu Hao from China has entered the news recently for all the wrong reasons – he weighs 132lbs. The hungry youngster can get through three bowls of rice…

Sammy Stacey – Teen Sumo Schoolgirl

Sammy Stacey – SCHOOLGIRL thrilled when she became a Sumo Kid star at just 14. The youngster couldn’t believe her luck when she became the first Western girl ever to be invited to join a top sumo school in Japan.But Sammy’s delight soon turned to misery when her sumo teachers began to force-feed her — [...]

Turtle Boy

A youngster dubbed turtle boy by cruel bullies is starting a new life after a miracle two hour operation to remove a giant shell of hard skin from his back.Maimaiti Hali, eight – from Heping, northern China – was born with a hard, mutated growth covering most of his back.Dad Maimaiti Musai said: “We were [...]