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Hamutsun Serve

I suspect that Rikiccho and Dah-yoshi of Hamutsun Serve aren’t actually real human beings. I mean, there’s no way that real people can move like that, right? Here they are dancing their trademark funky popping [...]

Shopping Carts That Aren’t Shopping Carts

When is a shopping cart not a shopping cart? When it’s a car, a work of art, a mobile farm, or a piece of furniture. Here are some ways that creative folks have thought outside the cart corral when it comes to the typical grocery basket on wheels. A Grocery-Getter That Can Really Get Groceries Of course [...]

Yoshi Mech

Donald, an electrical engineer in El Paso, Texas, made this mech inspired by Yoshi from Super Mario Bros. You can see more pictures at the link, as well as similar past projects at his website. Link via DVICE | Artist’s Website

Koopa Butchering Chart

Artist Jude Buffum made butchering charts for Koopas, Ganon, Chocobos, and Yoshi. They’ll be on display at the upcoming Pixel Pushers show at SCION Installation in Culver City, California. Link via Popped Culture | Gallery Website (warning: sound) Previously by Jude Buffum Rainbow Brite: Finish Her! 1980s Movies in 8-Bit