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Corneal Transplant Stitches

Yesterday, redditor Philawesomeraptor posted a picture of his girlfriend’s eye with stitches after a cornea transplant. Buzzfeed collected other photographs of eyes with stitches in them to show this delicate work. Outside of some scleral redness, which is to be expected with eye surgery, they are strangely attractive. Link (Image source: Philawesomeraptor)

How to Arrange Your Wardrobe to Match Your Favorite Website

Yesterday I asked you what you guys think a Neatorama cocktail would consist of, but today I’ve got a bunch of clothing designed to match your favorite websites. So, not counting an awesome Neatorama shirt from the Neatoshop, what would you guys think a Neatorama outfit would look like? Link Via Geekologie

Neatorama Facebook Page Sets New Record

A neat photo we posted yesterday on our Facebook page received more than 5,000 likes, 2,000 shares and 150 comments. If you’re not following us over there, you’re missing a lot of the fun!

The Missing Links: Escape From Alcatraz – 50 Years Later

Gene Wilder Lives In A World of Pure Imagination How else could you explain his inspired idea for Willy Wonka’s grand entrance? * This Town Is F#%king Expensive The going rate for uttering a verbal bomb in Middleborough, Massachusetts is $20. Choose your words carefully. * Running From The Rock Fifty years ago yesterday Frank Morris, John Anglin and Clarence Anglin pulled [...]

Weather Monsters

A weather map from yesterday shows Godzilla eating Iowa while Mothra (or is it Rodan?) zooms in from the Pacific Northwest. We are all doomed! Link

Men Compete to be World’s Best Bee Wearer

Two Chinese beekeepers competed against each other yesterday in an attempt to break the world record of bee wearing (who knew?). Wearing only shorts, goggles and nose plugs, each of the men wore Queen Bees on their bodies to see who could attract the most bees in an hour. In case you’re wondering, the answer [...]

5 Questions: Toast & Jam

To accompany yesterday’s Bread & Butter challenge, today’s multiple-choice 5 Questions quiz: Toast & Jam

Live from Abbottabad

Sohaib Athar unknowingly live-tweeted yesterday’s raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad. If you click and scroll down, you’ll get his reports on the operation, with random info about and photos of the region mixed in (like this one). On the other side of the world, here’s a photo from Times Square.

If Your Drink is Warm, Add Some Ice

Yesterday, I posted a neat little tip to get rid of the smell from kitchen sponge by microwaving it, and Neatoramanaut Frau decided to share something equally amazing, and told us to blog about her amazing discovery. So here it is, just as she wrote it. Oh, and by the way, we do carry a lot [...]

Atari Mug: You Never Forget Your First

Certainly not me. I remember my first like it was yesterday. Oh, when I first laid eyes on you Dig Dug, my heart went pitter patter. Nothing else compares, not even Pole Position. This clever Atari Mug: You Never Forget Your First lets you reminisce about the good ol’ days of videogaming every day with your [...]