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What’s Going on in Yemen?

In Spring of 2010, Haley Sweetland Edwards took us on a tour of Yemen for the Spinning the Globe section of mental_floss magazine. Here’s her explanation of the current situation, followed by an excerpt from last year’s Yemen feature. © YAHYA ARHAB/epa/Corbis Yemen is the poorest nation in the Arab world. It’s economy has flat-lined. It’s facing [...]

Bureaucratics by Jan Banning

Dutch photographer Jan Banning traveled the world for his 2008 book Bureaucratics, a comparative study in bureaucrats from around the world. Jan traveled to Bolivia, China, France, India, Liberia, Russia, Yemen and the United States to snap photographs of civil servants – from fiscal authorities to police, from governors to local clerks – seated behind [...]

What If The Largest Countries Had The Largest Populations?

Click here for larger image This map rearranges the world by correlating the population of a country to actual size. Some countries (the United States, Yemen, Brazil and Ireland) remain in their original location. India has replaced Canada on the map. I’d better start packing my bags because Canada is located way over in Pakistan. Link – [...]

The Secret Cities of Yemen

Yemen has been in the news a great deal recently and if the media is to be believed then it is a hotbed of terrorist training camps and munitions trading.  However there are many people who could not -if asked- name the capital city of this republic on the Arabian Gulf.  What is exceptional about [...]