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Plots from Seinfeld if the Show Was Running Today

Like plots from the imaginary eighth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, @SeinfeldToday looks at the show about nothing right now. The characters put Etsy to terrible use, make mistakes with Yelp and argue obsessively about Game of Thrones. Link -via Pleated Jeans

Yelp Strikes Back

Watch out you sneaky Yelpers, the website is now out to get you.  Apparently people have been using Yelp to make a quick buck. Users will rise to the rank of “elite reviewer” then people will pay them to review their place, restaurant, or what have you. Now the website is striking back. Yelp is placing [...]

Yelp Reviews As Read By Professional Actors

(Video Link) I’ve seen blogs featuring bad Yelp reviews and while plenty of them are funny (unintentionally), none of them made me crack up half as hard as this video where a real actor expresses all the emotion the real Yelper must have felt while leaving this terrible review. Via BoingBoing

Will Yelp Put Restaurant Chains Out of Business?

Finding great local restaurants can be a challenge. There seem to be a dozen mediocre, even bad restaurants, for every good one. That’s why chains have gotten so popular in the last few decades. They may not be as good as some independent local places, but you can rely on them to carry the same [...]