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5 Questions: Yard Work

We’ve been in the literal ‘Yard’ all week… Friday’s 5 Questions quiz gets the figurative Yard Work done.

5 Questions: Not In My Back ‘Yard’

You’ll find Wednesday’s 5 Questions quiz here, but Not In My Back ‘Yard’

You Could Be The Proud Owner of A Tie Fighter

Looking to spruce up your home or yard with something super geeky? Well, if you happen to live in the Salt Lake Area you can become the proud new owner of this amazing TIE fighter replica for free. You just have to be able to pick it up! Link Via io9

Police Arrest Man Despite His Excellent "Fighting Is What Redneck People Do" Excuse

Although one might think that it would be an ironclad legal defense, police in Martin County, Florida nonetheless arrested a man for getting drunk, shooting his lawnmower in his front yard, and then fighting with his son: After being cuffed and placed in a cruiser, Wach asked why he was being arrested, according to a Martin [...]

Seeking ET beyond the radio silence

Some scientists believe the key to finding extraterrestrial life is to search in our own back yard. In addition to always looking skyward, as SETI doe…

String Theory

Actually, string theory is something completely different, but it’s a cute title for this geometry problem at Futility Closet. A boy has his toy boat in the water, and he is pulling it to shore by a string. If he pulls in one yard of string, will the boat advance a yard, or less than [...]

Suffragette Surveillance

One hundred years ago, women in Britain who wanted to vote were considered terrorists. Many were jailed, and although Scotland Yard wanted to record them in photographs, the women refused to cooperate. So in 1912, officials purchased a camera and hired a paparazzi-style photographer to shoot the inmates from a distance. BBC news explained how [...]

Teenager films "alien" in back yard

A 16-year-old from Australia has filmed a mysterious creature moving around in his back yard. Alex player claims to have had four encounters with what…