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Chinese Product Placement in The Big Bang Theory

by Yiping Yang/Latitude News American companies place products in films and television shows all the time. Now Chinese brands are also getting into the act, placing their products in American movies and television programs that Chinese viewers watch. The Big Bang Theory is an example. The show consistently attracts high ratings among American viewers. It is also [...]

Store Clerk Spanks Robber

(Video Link) Two would-be robbers in Gatineau, Quebec experienced a major victim selection failure last Tuesday. They walked into Zhen Yang’s convenience store, pointed knives at him and demanded money. Yang fought back. First, he sprayed them with bear repellent. One took off running while he grappled with the other. Yang spanked the intruder’s bare bottom [...]

Underwater Zombie Frog Ballet

Chinese artist Lu Yang’s latest project involved three things that you don’t normally find in a sentence: frog, ballet, and zombie. She took dead frog bodies that have been used in medical dissection experiments [...]

Raincoat Turns Rain into Drinking Water

Hyeona Yang and Joshua Noble, two students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, built the “Raincatch.” It’s a suit that collects rainwater and filters it into drinking water. If Joshua Noble’s name seems familiar to you, it may be because he’s one of the people responsible for the playable receipt printer. Link -via DVICE

Fan-Made Transformer Sculptures

Yang Junlin of Huizhou, China, loves Transformers so much that he opened his own “Legend of Iron” factory to produce his own robots out of old car parts: A year later, Yang Junlin opened his own factory, Legend of Iron, and hired over 10 workers to help him realize his dream of building cool robot sculptures. [...]

Man Seeks World Rope-Sleeping Record

A Chinese man who claims he can sleep on a rope tied between two trees is hoping to get into the Guinness Books of Records.Gao Yang, 37, says it took him nearly a quarter of a century to master the skill but he can now sleep on the rope for seven hours.Gao, of Anshan, northeastern [...]