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Robot Recognizes Self in the Mirror

Justin Hart and Brian Scassellati of Yale University have taught a humanoid robot named Nico to recognize its own reflection in the mirror: Nico is the centrepiece of a unique experiment to see whether a [...]

Are eyes really a window to the soul ?

A new study conducted by Yale University psychologists suggests that most people think so. Researchers conducted three experiments that involved showi…

Monkeynomics: Can You Teach a Monkey to Spend Money?

Can you teach a monkey the basics of market economy? In this article over at our pal mental_floss, Allen St. John wrote about an intriguing research by Laurie Santos and Keith Chen of Yale University [...]

Beatbox Cello

(YouTube link) Enjoy some music by cellist Kevin Olusola. He is an accomplished musician, but the senior at Yale University is majoring in pre-med and East Asian studies. Olusola spent a fellowship year in China to study the language, but also managed to perform a few concerts while there. Read more at his website. Link -via [...]

Dinosaurs Looked Like Giant Chickens

If you think that dinosaurs looked like giant lizards, you’d be forgiven as that has been the depiction in stories, movies, and even in school textbooks. Scientists, however, have recently reached a different conclusion: dinos actually looked like giant chickens! The subject of the new study—the 155-million-year-old Anchiornis huxleyi—turns out to have looked something like a [...]

Quadruplets Accepted at Yale

High school seniors Kenny, Martina, Ray, and Carol Crouch, quadruplets from Danbury, Connecticut were all ecstatic when they found that all four were accepted into Yale University. The Crouches’ perfect batting average represents a first for Yale — the first time in anyone’s memory that it has offered admission to quadruplets. It is also, of course, [...]