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Mystery Billionaire Builds World’s Largest Yacht

German yacht company Lürssen is building the largest yacht in the world for a Middle Eastern billionaire they will not name. It will be around 590 feet long! Yet photos taken by show the boat to be at least six stories tall, with sweeping windows on the rear deck and several upper decks dedicated to [...]

Chinese "Titanic" Sank Right After Launch

SS Jiugang doesn’t actually mean "Titanic" in Chinese, but it sure acted like one. The $2.6 million Chinese yacht was launched with much fanfare, but immediately sank like a rock! But in a horrifying turn of events for the makers, the vessel [...]

Tropical Island Mega Yacht

I’ve seen some pretty sweet P Diddy style yachts out there, but this one is pretty ridiculous. See the gallery at the link for a proposed “mega yacht” that would be like having your own tropical island for the super rich. I’ve read Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal, so forgive me a moment, but I [...]

If You Want to Succeed in Yacht Rock, You’ll Need a Ridiculous Name

Sparked by a popular online video series by the same name, Yacht Rock, the genre of music produced by artists such as Christopher Cross and Kenny Loggins during the late 1970s and early 1980s, has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts over the past several years. The term yacht rock comes from the nautical references that [...]

The WHY Super-Yacht

When Hermés yacht brand executive Pierre-Alexis Dumas met Wally builder Luca Bassani Antivari they hatched a dream- to combine the terrestrial luxury of your own island with the aquatic bliss of yachting. The fruit of their efforts is WHY (Wally Hermés Yachts), a 36,000 square foot, energy-saving, sustainable yacht unlike any seen before. Antivari: This revolutionary [...]