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Professor X at His School

Patrick Stewart–Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men movies–visited a school with a familiar name. He writes, “This was taken a while ago but hearing best student Logan is officially on board, it now seems a good time to share.” Link -via Nerd Approved

The Uncanny Edo Period X-Men

Alex Mitchell is back with another historically re-envisioned superhero team- the Edo period X-Men! This alternate version of the X-Men may have found their powers through magic instead of mutation, but they still look like they’d mess you up for spilling their Sapporo, except for Jubilee who looks too cute to be threatening. You can find the [...]

Wolverine Notepad Holder

Wolverine Notepad Holder | $14.95 Never fear! The X-men’s Wolverine will hold those notes for you -or even business cards! This will be particularly “noteworthy” at your workplace. The Wolverine notepad holder is made of durable polystone resin and even comes with a pad of note paper. Fans should also check out other Wolverines items and other [...]

X-Men Reimagined

Aaron Diaz of Dresden Codak comics (previously on Neatorama) reimagined some X-Men characters first as angst-ridden teenagers making their way in the world, then as young adults growing up. See if [...]

When Community Goes Mutant

After all the fan movements to save the show, some artists are celebrating with Community-inspired fan art. While there are a bunch out there, this X-Men one might just be the best I’ve seen so far. Link Via The Mary Sue

X-Men Covers with Googly Eyes

Googly eyes are supposed to be cute, but adding them to X-Men comic book covers makes them scary. Do you want to see more? You’re in luck! There’s a Tumblr blog devoted entirely to this motif. Link -via The Mary Sue

What Happens When you Mix Mario and X Men

Who knew that Super Mario and the X Men could go together so well? Apparently artist Casey Edwards did because she’s the one who came up with these clever mash ups. Link Via BuzzFeed

Star Wars Embroidery Says "Sad Wampa Is Sad"

Etsy seller Love & A Sandwich is currently sold out of these cute works of embroidery and appliqué, but she still has available a hoop featuring Beast from the X-Men. Still, I have my heart set on the Fuzzball hoop. Link -via The Mary Sue

The 8 Worst X-Men Ever

The X-Men series gave us a whole slew of mutant “super heroes,” many of whom had “powers” that were honestly useless in the fight for truth and justice. That usually meant these characters had a limited run, because how many plots can you write around a hero whose talent is limited to extra skin or [...]

The X-Men Do Lady Gaga

(YouTube link) This parody of the song “Born This Way” was inspired by the movie X-Men: First Class. -via The Daily What Geek