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The Missing Links: That Second That Screwed Up the Net

The Internet Doesn’t Want You To Miss One Single Second You’ve wasted hundreds, thousands, tens-of-thousands, probably hundreds-of-thousands of precious seconds on the internet (not the time you’ve spent on mental_floss, of course). So why should the internet care if you want one of those tiny little seconds back? * Where Do Criminals Disappear To? When you hear about criminals [...]

Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare

Photo: My Life at Speed/Facebook It’s life imitating toys: Rally car driver Tanner Foust and Hollywood stuntman Greg Tracy successfully completed the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare [...]

The Backflip Brothers

(YouTube link) Brothers Caleb and Colton Moore do everything together, so if one of them does a snowmobile backflip at X Games 15, then by golly they’re risking life and limb together! It’s a beautiful thing. Especially since nobody was hurt. The judges were a bit cranky, but haters gonna hate.