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Now This Guys Is A Real Game Master

The best thing about Youtube user 16bitghost’s absurdly huge gaming set up is that the 24 console areas still aren’t enough for his PS3. Seriously though, how do you even switch between them all on your TV system? I get annoyed just going between the DVD player, cable, Wii and X Box, I can’t imagine [...]

Because Drinking and Gaming Are A Great Combo

If you’re a geek who loves both alcohol and gaming, then you’ll certainly love Arkeg. The system is pretty sweet as it comes with 69 games, a 5 lb CO2 tank, a 24″ hi-def LCD, a sweet sound sound system and, of course, a nice big cabinet to store the keg of your choice. On [...]

Patients Control Computer With Brain

Have you ever wanted to play X Box games just by thinking about moving the character on the screen? Well, now we are one step closer to making that dream a reality with an experiment conducted at Washington University in St. Louis. Patients were able to send signals from their brain directly to a computer [...]