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12 Proposed U.S. States That Didn’t Make the Cut

The road to 50 states was littered with wannabes who couldn’t wait to declare themselves—but never quite got to full statehood. Here are 12 states that could have been. 1. Franklin Wikimedia Commons After the Revolutionary War, it became common for states to gift their westernmost lands to the newly-founded (but broke) American government to repackage and sell [...]

How 11 Triple Crown Winners Spent Their Retirement Years

JOHN ANGELILLO/UPI/Landov The decision to scratch and retire I’ll Have Another with swelling in his left front leg on the day before the Belmont Stakes cost him a shot to become the 12th Triple Crown winner, but owner J. Paul Reddam still stands to make millions in stud fees. While the three-year-old colt would likely [...]

Wyoming Town For Sale

The entire town of Buford, Wyoming, is for sale. Despite what the picture shows (it’s from 2006), there is only one resident. Don Sammons is retiring, so several buildings, ten acres of land, a zip code, and a high-altitude view are all going on the auction block. Bidding will start at $100,000, which sounds like [...]

The Dark Tower: Found!

“QUANTUM SHOT” #736Link – article by Avi Abrams The Ultimate Black Obelisk That Nature Has Made (in Sao Tome) Maybe you’ve read Stephen King’s huge fantasy epic “The Dark Tower”, or perhaps the Tower of Mordor from “The Lord of the Rings” more readily comes to mind? In any case, you’ll be surprised to find the fantastic [...]

How Glenn Close’s Dad Stopped the Ebola Virus

Back in the 1960s and ‘70s, William Taliaferro Close was the personal physician of President Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire. He was also the chief doctor of the army. When the President reportedly fled to France when Ebola threatened to spread across Africa like wildfire in 1976, Close remained to help contain the horrible disease. [...]

UFO disrupts Cheyenne Air Force base

Robert Hastings has claimed that an Air Force base suffered disruption during a UFO encounter. The The F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming temporari…

When Ants The Size Of A Hummingbird Roamed The Earth …

Be thankful that you don’t live 50 million years ago, or you’d have to use a baseball bat instead of a shoe to kill this ant: A winged ant queen fossilized in 49.5-million-year-old Wyoming rock ranks as the first body of a giant ant from the Western Hemisphere, says paleoentomologist Bruce Archibald of Simon Fraser University [...]

Man Says That Mudflap Girl Is His Mom

The iconic “Mudflap Girl”, long seen on America’s highways, finally has an identity. Ed Allen of Washington, D.C. says that it’s his mother. Allen’s father, a trucker, kept a photo of his wife wearing a swimsuit in his rig: Dad kept the photo in the cab of his truck, which always bore his wife’s name on [...]

Epic Tilt-Shift Ski Video by Tristan Greszko

Wyoming-based photographer Tristan Greszko created this epic tilt-shift video of a Jackson Hole ski resort. As you watch the clip, keep in mind that those Lilliputian specks are actually real skiers … Hit play or go to Link [Vimeo] – via Wired

What Happened to the NIT?

Tonight at Madison Square Garden, Alabama will take on Wichita State for the National Invitation Tournament title. You might not realize it today, but the NIT wasn’t always an afterthought. Let’s take a look at how the New York tourney was eclipsed by the NCAA. Few collections of letters arouse mixed emotions in college hoops fans [...]