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I Contain Multitudes

Glenys Barton’s “Within” is a bronze sculpture about two and a half feet high. A pamphlet for an exhibition in London, Ontario explained its meaning: The outer calm of the immaculate features contrasts with the inner activity, a metaphor for stresses within the mind that are more often than not at odds with the way in [...]

Fleams, c. 1850

Yes, these are fleams. What’s a fleam, you ask? Why, just step right up, my friend, and I will tell you. Fleams are the latest thing in bloodletting. Are your humours out of balance? Got too much blood in your body? Put those leeches away. They’re positively medieval! Fleams are the answer. Baldness? Impotence? Bloating? Chicken [...]

Hippo Transforms into a Bar

During his life, French sculptor François-Xavier Lalanne (1927-2008) made several metal hippopatamus figures with built-in compartments. This glorious bronze specimen opens to reveal a bar. It was typical of Lalanne’s playful approach to art: He wanted, he once said, to bring the notion of usefulness to sculpture and to demystify art, which he regarded as a [...]

Clown Skull

Alas, poor Giggles! I knew him, Horatio; a fellow of infinite jest. I hope that artist Vik Muniz returns the clown’s skull to the churchyard for proper burial. Artist’s Website -via Wunderkammer