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Scary Cool Custom Made 70-Cal T-Rex Rifle

This amazing custom rifle, more of a hand cannon really, fires modified .50 caliber rounds and looks badass punching giant holes in targets. Here’s how this rifle puts the WTF in firearms: The cartridge, named the .700 WTF (“What The F…”) and is made by fire forming a .50 BMG brass case, trimming it to [...]

Fashion Statement: Dead Cicadas in Hair

I found this image on WTF Japan, Seriously!? with no description. A bit of Googling led me to a 2008 post on Pink Tentacle explaining that a young celebrity in Japan who goes by the name Shokotan had taken to decorating her hair with dead cicadas. But keep in mind: that was three years ago, which [...]

Human Bobsled

(Video Link) This video is in Japanese, so I have no idea what is being said. It appears that this guy has attached rollerblading wheels to every surface of an armored suit. First, he shows off his moves. Then he races a motorcycle down a steep, twisty road at high speed. via WTF Japan, Seriously!? | Previously: [...]

The Squid Wrestler

(Video Link) This video is in Japanese, so I’m not sure what the characters are saying. But it appears to be a trailer for a film about a squid who is a professional wrestler and the woman who loves him. Here’s the IMDB listing for this totally awesome movie. via WTF Japan, Seriously!?

Megwin Guy Juggles: What Just Happened Here, Folks?

This moment in WTF is brought to you by Johnny Cat’s blog The Litter Box. Now, can someone tell me what in the world is the Megwin guy doing? What just happened there? Link [embedded YouTube clip]

Weird Images of Yore: Black and WTF

Image from Foxtongue [Flickr] The next time you get a bunch of WTF pictures on a viral email, remember this: human’s propensity for making weird (and weirdly wonderful) pictures predates the InterWeb. Take a look at these strangely compelling black and white images of yore over at Black and WTF tumblr blog: Link – Thanks Matt! [...]