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Lumberjacks Sitting On Top of a Precariously Stacked Pile of Logs

Photo: MSCUA, University of Washington Libraries. Photo Coll 516 Back when old growth timber was plentiful and lives were cheap, this photograph of a 1932 logging crew in the Pacific Northwest showed how lumberjacks [...]

A Giant Spider Prepares To Dine On A Snake

(YouTube Link) Budding naturalists should take note of what this video demonstrates-a spider’s killer instinct shouldn’t be taken for granted, and they’ll gladly wrap up a meal that may take them a month to polish off just for the sake of convenience. Please note that you shouldn’t put your hand anywhere near those big old spiders you [...]

Eight People Kicked Off Planes for Ridiculous Reasons

<p><noscript><img class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-50729″ title=”195×145_camera” src=”×145_camera-150×111.jpg” alt=”" width=”150″ height=”111″/></noscript>It happens every once in a while, and over time we end up with a list like this. Air stewards have more power than ever to keep people from getting where they need to go. And some people just seemed to be in the wrong place at [...]

ESPN Reporter Chased By Alpaca

(YouTube link) We already know that alpacas make for great chicken bodyguards. They’re like, the Secret Service of poultry. But sometimes that innate protective instinct just turns into agression and if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time you might just catch an alpaca beatdown! ESPN analyst Nico Hueto had a little accident while reporting [...]