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Perpetual Energy Wasting Machine

We have all seen the so called Perpetual Energy Machines running around on the internet. Whether an actual perpetual energy machine is possible or not (I think not), a perpetual energy wasting machine doesn’t seem so farfetched. I mean just look at my roommate- he wastes an awful lot of energy with all that couch [...]

10 Excellent Bookstore Cats

Not all bookstores have cats: the big chains don’t have cats, and some mom and pop stores keep their cats at home, so if you are allergic to cats, you can still find a place to browse for reading material. But you’ll find resident cats in many independent bookstores because they are nice to curl [...]

Giant Binary Clock

Students at the Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland, decorated the outside of their building with a giant LED clock that displays the time in binary. It consists of eighteen round windows, with green windows representing hours, blue windows representing minutes, and red windows representing seconds. Link (in Polish) via Gizmodo | YouTube Video | Photo: Wroclaw [...]