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The Writer Who Makes Knives

“I got an MFA in fiction writing. I had a really hard time selling the first manuscript that I wrote. When that sort of went sour, and I couldn’t sell my book, I just kinda lost steam altogether. I had this period of fear that I was really going to lose writing. [...]

1982: The Year a Kicker Won the MVP

Our own Ethan Trex is doing a little writing on the side for Bill Simmons’ new site, Grantland. Ethan’s debut piece looks back at the 1982 NFL strike-shortened season, when a kicker who was almost cut in training camp went on to win the MVP. If you like Ethan or Simmons or football or labor [...]

Mayan codex may lead to lost treasure

An expert in Mayan writing believes he has deciphered a code that will lead to eight tons of gold. Joachim Rittsteig, professor emeritus at Dresden Un…

Creative Light Writing Proposal

When Derick wanted to propose to his girlfriend Emily, he decided to do it in a big way. A really big way: by creating a light writing proposal that covered several blocks in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. It took Derick and his friends 3 nights of shooting and over 800 exposures to make the image. [...]

Is Cursive Handwriting Necessary?

Schools are spending less time than ever teaching the art of cursive handwriting, especially as more time is devoted to typing in the early grades. On the 2007 SAT essay questions, only 15% of college-bound students used cursive writing. The rest wrote in print. Some teachers argue that writing in script helps hand-eye coordination, even [...]

Time Travel Propaganda Posters

826LA is a non-profit organization in southern California that teaches kids how to engage in creative writing. It’s known for innovative workshops and clever marketing. We previously featured their time travel store on Neatorama. 826LA has applied that same theme to traditional propaganda posters, producing ten, including the above poster warning time travelers about the [...]