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Man implants iPod magnets into his wrist

Not content with using a strap, a 21-year-old has had magnets implanted in his wrist to secure his iPod. The procedure involved implanting four small …

From Text Neck to Hogwarts Headache: 6 Injuries for the Modern Era

Our shiny new gadgets (and one teen wizard) are proving once again that human beings are really easily breakable. 1. Text Neck Texting image via Shutterstock Do you have shooting pains down your neck and arm, as well as numbness or tingling in your fingers and hand? If you’re over forty, you might want to call an ambulance [...]

Sixteen Ways to Use Your Wrist Now That Watches Are Obsolete

Still wear wristwatches? You’re in the minority. Well, now that watches are killed off by cell phones, what do you wear on your wrist? Tobias Lunchbreath, one my favorite cartoonists on the Web today, explains the “Sixteen Ways to Use Your Wrist Now That Watches Are Obsolete” over at CoreToon: Link | Different format of [...]