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The Late Movies: Inside The Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds”

A few weeks back I came across this surprising fact: the Beach Boys song “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” featured two accordionists, two drummers, three bassists, and thirteen more musicians. The information in that post came from a YouTube documentary called Behind the Sounds, which is going through each song on the Beach Boys’ [...]

10 Weird Fairy Tale Plot Pieces That Are Usually Left Out

You’ve all seen the Disney versions of these classic fairy tales, but the company took a few liberties with the stories so they wouldn’t be so gruesome. For example, in Cinderella: We all know that Cinderella’s nasty relations try to hoodwink the prince by cramming their feet into the glass slipper. What you may not remember [...]

She’s In A Sticky Situation

Notice something weird about that doily? Well, that might be because it is a bit sticky, that’s because it’s made out of used chewing gum. Maybe it’s just me, but I certainly wouldn’t be so happy posing with it. As for how it’s made: A few months ago Helen Avagyan was sitting at her house, chewing [...]

At the Libraries: Illustrators Remembering Maurice Sendak

Each week Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of stories about libraries, authors, and books. If there’s something noteworthy going on in your local library, leave us a comment! Don’t you wish you could live near a pop-up library? * Maurice Sendak had a huge impact on children’s literature and art, and will be missed. Here are [...]

Pixar’s Star Wars

Or would you prefer to see George Lucas’s Up? I’ve accepted droids, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable flying an X-wing that talked. Through a mouth. Andrew Chesworth composed this image for Star Wars Day — you know, May the Fourth. Link -via Popped Culture Previously: Darth Vader in Pixar’s Up Pixar Star Wars

The Amazing Entries For Bit-Tech’s Mod Of The Year Contest

Man, if my Wii looked like this, I wouldn’t want to throw it across the room every time it misreads a disc! Just kidding, I would still want to toss it, but if it looked as cool as this entry into Bit-Tech’s Mod Of The Year Contest, or any of the other amazing entries for [...]

A Self-Balancing Motorized Unicycle

Who wouldn’t want a self-balancing, motorized unicycle of their very own? Riding around on this unicycle means flaunting your unconventional nature, while being practical about how much dedication you have towards mastering single wheel locomotion. You don’t have to work hard and practice in order to stay up, on this mechanical marvel created by MIT student [...]

Hospital Tells Man That His Abdominal Pain Is Due to a Hysterectomy

Although he wouldn’t be the first man to have the procedure, Les Kennington of New Zealand (pictured) protested to nurses that the pain that he was experiencing could not possibly be due to the past removal of his uterus: After going in for the CT scan, Mr Kennington said he received the results of his report [...]

An Embroidered Cake

Don’t worry, it’s not actually embroidered -that wouldn’t be very delicious after all. Instead, it just looks embroidered thanks to a careful use of sprinkles. The creator even used a real embroidery design as her guide. Link Via Craftzine

If AT-ATs Had Wheels

If AT-ATs had wheels, they wouldn’t fall down so easy. But they were built a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, possibly before the invention of the wheel. However, Christopher Aleria improved upon the design by setting an AT-AT body atop an Axial Rock Crawler 4×4 remote control vehicle. Link -via Illuminations [...]