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Chinese Families with All of Their Worldly Possessions

Think you’ve got a lot of stuff? Well, you do – in comparison to these families in China as photographed by Huang Qingjun, who has spent the last decade travelling to remote parts of the country to persuade people [...]

Hell Hath No Yard Sale Like a Woman Scorned

That’s one way to clean the house: a woman in Superior, Wisconsin, decided to hold an "ex-husband" garage sale where she threw out all of her husband’s worldly possessions, including his car: Large signs reading [...]

You CAN Take It With You

The Chinese have a tradition of honoring and caring for their dead by burning symbols which represent the person’s worldly possessions. The belief is that by doing this at the person’s gravesite, the objects will be delivered to them in the afterlife. Au Yeung Ping Chi specializes in creating these custom paper effigies – a craft [...]