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Elephant Hunt Not a Good Move

King Juan Carlos has been the honorary president of the Spanish branch of the World Wildlife Fund since 1968. But that title has been stripped away since the king returned from an elephant hunting safari. Many Spaniards were dumbfounded when news broke in April that the king had made a secret journey to hunt elephants in [...]

Awesome WWF Animals Illusion Poster

This World Wildlife Fund poster features a ton of hidden animals in the bushes.I know it’s hard to see at this size, but if you click on the link, you can enlarge the picture and try to see them all. How many can you find? Link

Augumented Reality T-Shirt Suggests What It’s Like to Be Shot

(Video Link) The World Wildlife Fund created augmented reality t-shirts in an effort to raise awareness of the threat that poachers pose to Siberian tigers. When people in trendy clothing stores in Moscow tried on the shirts in front of mirrors, the mirrors displayed images of the wearer getting shot in the chest. via Gizmodo

Pandamonium: WWF Panda Reimagined by Artists

(L) Frozen in Time by United Visual Artists. UVA recreates the WWF panda in ice, then allowed it to melt in their studio. (R) Surrogate, an “android” panda by Troika, symbolizes mankind’s capacity to destory nature with technology. Last month, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) UK launched a project called Pandamonium, where they asked [...]