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Perfect for Desk Jockeys: The Aviator Desk

This desk and chair from Restoration Hardware is designed to reflect the textures and shapes of World War II aircraft. The aluminum surface has been dinged and scratched a bit to give the impression that the desk has spent a few hundred hours in the air. Link -via Jay Mug

Secret WWII ‘tsunami bomb’ project revealed

A secret project during World War II sought to develop a way to use tsunamis as a deadly weapon. Known as ‘Project Seal’, the weapon would have been u…

Fabric Made from Milk

During World War II, when real wool was scarce, the synthetic fabric Aralac became popular as a substitute. It was made from cheese! Maggie Koerth-Baker at Boing Boing tells us how Aralac is made, and although you don’t see it much anymore, an improved fabric using the technique is still produced by a German company. [...]

When World War II Veteran Is Cremated, Family Learns That He Was Carrying around Almost Half a Pound of Shrapnel

Ronald Brown was wounded while serving in the British Army during World War II. He downplayed the whole matter and told his children that he had just a bullet in his leg. But when Brown recently passed away, crematory workers found six full ounces of metal in his ashes. His daughter was astonished: “But when we went [...]

Millenials Say Thanks But No Thanks to Cars and Houses

Every generation is different, but in America, there’s one thing that is constant: our love of cars. Owning a car has been a celebrated rite of passage for Americans since, … well, since the [...]

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Greg Allen found this old coloring and activity book that dates back to the first movie in 1979. Can you spot all of the things wrong with this picture? You can find the answers after the jump Link -via Retronaut  1. Actor Jimmy Doohan lost the middle finger of his right hand during World War II, but [...]

10 Incredible Sea Forts

What you see here is the Red Sands sea fort six miles off the coast of England. It was used during World War II to guard against u-boats and aircraft attack. As you can probably guess, the was an unpopular post, and was only manned for a few months. Other sea forts look more comfortable, [...]

The Covert History of the American Condom

The condom industry in America, which had been quite robust to that point, was pushed underground after the country went full prude and the Comstock Act of 1873 outlawed the sale of contraceptives by mail. People still bought them, but advertising had to be very creative to get around the law. Carol Queen says, “What’s interesting [...]

80 Years of Lego

Ole Kirk Kristiansen established a business on August 10, 1932 that eventually became the LEGO company. But it didn’t start out with building bricks and minifigs. He sold ladders, some furniture, and wooden toys. Eventually, of course, the toys really took off. The shop was called LEg GOdt, or “play well” in Danish. Later, it would [...]

R.I.P., Count de Badass

Count Robert de La Rochefoucauld passed away at the age of 88. He was a man of many talents, particularly (1) escaping captivity and (2) killing Nazis. During World War II, while in the French Resistance, he did a lot of both. Here’s just one of the many episodes featured in his obituary: Instead he faked [...]