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The Missing Links: In 1492, Columbus Sailed … Into A Mall?

In A Perfect World, Science Museums Wouldn’t Have to Advertise But since it isn’t and they do, you might as well make sure the advertisements are geeky and cool to show off your science smarts. * Energy: Sure. Education: Absolutely. Cancer: Huh? Until I read this article, I never really considered that carcinogens might have their own [...]

New Bacteria Could Make You Poop Rainbows

In 2009, students at Cambridge University genetically engineered E. coli bacteria, adding DNA sequences in order to create colors visible to the naked eye (standard E. coli does not have a pigment). The students called this new strain E. chromi, and it has limited uses today, primarily related to detecting pollution or other chemicals [...]

Bobby McFerrin Makes a Keyboard…Out of People

On June 12, 2009, vocalist Bobby McFerrin participated in a panel discussion called “Notes & Neurons: In Search of a Common Chorus” at the World Science Festival. As part of the discussion, he performed an amazing feat — he trained an audience, in mere seconds, to become a sort of human keyboard. In the video [...]