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66 Digits Of Pi Carved Into A Pumpkin

Here’s a world record for you to file under “Mathematical” and/or “Why?”-the most digits of Pi ever carved into a pumpkin. Tai Star managed to carve 66 digits of Pi into what is now officially the world’s nerdiest pumpkin. I’ve heard of making pumpkin Pi but this is ridiculous! Link

Stratos Jump in LEGO

(YouTube link) Felix Baumgartner broke a world record with a 24-mile skydive earlier today. While we wait for the video, we can enjoy this speedy re-enactment rendered in LEGO. -via The Daily What Geek Okay, the actual POV video of the skydive is available now, too. Continue to see it. (YouTube link)

Man sets record for wearing the most pants

Gary ‘Geordie Pantsman’ Craig has beaten the world record by putting on 302 pairs of underpants. The 53-year-old had initially set a world record of 2…

A Journey Around the World in Dominoes

(YouTube link) This domino event visits every corner of the world, recreating flags, landmarks, and icons of different nations. It looks like a pretty impressiv but standard topple you see at world-class domino events, until you get to about 90 seconds in, and see the huge wall of dominoes slowly falling. You have to think about [...]

‘Magnetic man’ sticks spoons to his skin

Etibar Elchyev achieved a world record for sticking 50 metal spoons magnetically to his body. The 39-year-old kick-boxing trainer was to attempt to ba…

Guinness World Record: Tightest Parallel Parking Job

(Video Link) This German-language video shows Ronny Wechselberger breaking the world record for parallel parking — that’s sliding into position quickly with as little clearance as possible. He set a new record at 26 cm. The notes at the video link state this record was set in April. Since that time, Zhang Hua of China broke [...]

Junrey Balawing: World’s Smallest Man

“Aw, what a cute toddler,” you may think, but you’d be wrong. That’s Junrey Balawing, who is going to be crowned the unenviable title of World’s Smallest Man when he turns 18 this June: MEET Junrey Balawing, the Filipino who is about to become the world’s smallest man – and a huge star.At just 22 INCHES [...]

World’s Longest Cucumber

Gardener grows ‘world’s longest cucumber’ – A British grandmother may be entering the record books after growing what she thinks is the world’s longest cucumber.Clare Pearce’s record breaking Giant Cucumber reached at least 47in in a straight line from top to bottom, and was about four inches longer if its curve was included in the [...]

World Largest Cheese Sculpture Guinness Record

A ‘cheese wedding cake’ expert is hoping to smash the world record for the largest cheese sculpture with her half-ton cheddar crown.Cordon Bleu trained chef Tanys Pullin, 46, spent 90 hours crafting it out of a 1,322lb block of Farmhouse Cheddar. She carved the sculpture in the shape of a crown to mark the anniversary [...]